Property Management

You're looking for a management company. You don't want to deal with high pressure sales people who drop the ball once the account is theirs, or inexperienced property managers who apply the cookie cutter approach to every property they manage.

You want experience, imaginative marketing ideas, personal attention and no mistakes.

Wouldn't it be great if there were a group of skilled professionals you could count on to give you all that?

There is!

We're Laughton Properties, Inc. In a nutshell, we're a full service property management company that's innovative, experienced and dedicated to a philosophy of quality management and results for our clients. We get things done on time and on budget.

In a world of fast talk and exaggerated claims, we'd like you to know there is still a company out there that does what is says it will do. That company is Laughton Properties, Inc.

For a complete presentation of our capabilities or a no-fee evaluation of your current management program, call us at (916) 444-9898.

Company Overview

  • Full service property management company since 1980

  • Currently manage approximately 1,200 units

  • Local and regional client base

  • Offer complete range of services

  • Multi-family property management services

  • On-site consulting

  • Senior housing

  • Unique approach to management

  • Every project customized . . . no cookie cutter approach

  • Experience with properties from new to over 100 years of age

  • Organized for quick response via in-house computerized reports and personal communications

  • Team approach: Our staff becomes your management and marketing arm

  • Unyielding commitment to client service and success

  • Proactive management style

  • Specialists in improving cash flow, increasing value, renovations and turning around troubled properties