About Us

Since 1980 Laughton Properties, Inc. has set the standard for reliability and innovation in property management. As a full service management firm, we are dedicated to a philosophy of consultation, quality management and results for our clients.

When we opened our doors over 35 years ago we made a promise to approach each project with insight, flexibility, integrity and professionalism. Today, three and a half decades later, that original commitment is more important to our clients than ever before.

This approach is the foundation of our business and the cornerstone of our clients’ success. Throughout many years in business the company has enjoyed steady growth and long-term client relationships. Our professionalism and dedication have been recognized by both industry and clients alike.

Each member of the team is a seasoned professional, bringing an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience to every property we manage. Laughton Properties delivers a complete range of multi-family management skills, including marketing and strategic planning, consulting services, renovations, senior housing management and turning around troubled properties. A client can pick and choose from any or all of these services. At Laughton Properties we manage a property as if it were our own with dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Owners who place their properties in the hands of the Laughton Properties’ management team have taken the first steps to improving their properties, both physically and financially.

Property Management

You’re looking for a management company. You don’t want to deal with high pressure sales people who drop the ball once the account is theirs, or inexperienced property managers who apply the cookie cutter approach to every property they manage.

You want experience, imaginative marketing ideas, personal attention and no mistakes. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a group of skilled professionals you could count on to give you all that?

There is!

We’re Laughton Properties, Inc. In a nutshell, we’re a full service property management company that’s innovative, experienced and dedicated to a philosophy of quality management and results for our clients. We get things done on time and on budget.

In a world of fast talk and exaggerated claims, we’d like you to know there is still a company out there that does what it says it will do. That company is Laughton Properties, Inc.

For a complete presentation of our capabilities or a no-fee evaluation of your current management program, call us at (916) 444-9898.

Company Overview

• Full service property management company since 1980
• Currently manage approximately 1,200 units
• Local and regional client base
• Offer complete range of services
• Multi-family property management services
• On-site consulting
• Unique approach to management
• Every project customized . . . no cookie cutter approach
• Experience with properties from new to over 100 years of age
• Organized for quick response via in-house computerized reports and personal communications
• Team approach: Our staff becomes your management and marketing arm
• Unyielding commitment to client service and success
• Proactive management style
• Specialists in improving cash flow, increasing value, renovations and turning around troubled properties

Our Team

Linda Rutledge

916-444-9898 ext. 231

You want to meet a dynamo?  Meet Linda Rutledge CPM, President of Laughton Properties, Inc., the consummate professional in the property management field, serving clients of large and smaller properties for over 40 years.  As owner and a specialist in the property management field, Linda oversees the daily operation of the portfolio properties.  She is the firm’s financial forecasting expert and has designed and implemented the reorganization of numerous multi-family properties, resulting in significant increases in income and property value.

First and foremost, Linda is dedicated to the quality, excellence and results of the management effort.  She is an efficient property manager, always accessible and responsive to every client’s need.  She works efficiently under time parameters and focuses on keeping rents high, units occupied, residents happy and collection problems to a minimum.  She just plain knows the property management business.

Linda’s local and regional experience includes property management, marketing and the reconditioning of established projects.  Few property managers have as much experience and expertise in the technical aspects of the rehabilitation and renovation of older properties.

Her vast knowledge and experience in the property management industry qualified Linda as an instructor for the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley, Contra Costa County, Solano/Napa Valley and the North Valley Apartment Associations, in addition to lectures at various forums in “Turning Around Troubled Properties.”

Linda is a graduate of California State University, Chico, and has completed graduate work in finance, accounting, economics, and marketing at California State University, Sacramento.  She is a licensed Real Estate Broker, Certified Property Manager, a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Institute of Real Estate Management, and the California Apartment Association.

Edgar Camacho

916-444-9898 ext. 237

Edgar Camacho joined Laughton Properties in July 2015.  He holds a CPA degree from Central University, Santa Fe de Bogota, Columbia.  Those educational credentials, coupled with his long-time work in accounting, tax accounting and management with a number of firms provides the background for success in managing our accounting team.

Financial management is a key component of Laughton Properties’ services. Monthly client reports provide straightforward and accurate financial information for the owner.  Edgar provides this information for both the client and management team.  He is the backbone of the accounting department.

Reports are one thing, but bringing the financial pieces together accurately each month is a tremendous undertaking. Each site’s income and expenses must be translated into useable reports. Over the years, Laughton Properties has used various accounting software programs, including YARDI, in addition to programs specifically designed for this business. However, Laughton Properties found AMSI to be a superior product for all needs, AMSI, a cutting edge accounting software package designed for property management. Edgar led the organization to upgrade our accounting systems and software in 2017.

In addition to the month-to-month reports and a dedication to excellence, there is often a forgotten burden that comes at the end of the year taxes.  As Finance Manager, Edgar also works with our clients’ tax accountants whenever needed throughout the year.  It is because of this association and the thoroughness with which he operates that clients have reported a decrease in costs associated with their partnership tax reporting.

While others in the organization are seeing to it that our clients’ properties are at their peek occupancy and remain in excellent physical condition, Edgar is the Finance Manager overseeing the success of our entire accounting operation.  His contributions round out the Laughton Properties’ team – your guarantee that your investment will function to its full potential.

Susan Z’berg

Property Manager/Leasing Agent
916-444-9898 ext. 224

Ericka Rincon-Olvera

Payroll & Personnel 
916-444-9898 ext. 234

Danielle Gard

Accounts Payable
916-444-9898 ext. 229

Elizabeth Huth

Accounts Receivable 
916-444-9898 ext. 228

Elanda Jimenez

Administrative Assistant
916-444-9898 ext. 233

Yvette Godoy

Administrative Assistant
916-444-9898 ext. 223

Alyssa Olvera


Local Property Management Leader

Serving The Sacramento Area for OVER 40 Years.

Laughton Properties is a full-service property management company that’s innovative, experienced, resourceful, and dedicated to a philosophy of high-quality management delivering results for our clients.

We strive to get things done right the first time, on time, and on budget. We don’t cut corners, instead, we work to find real lasting solutions. We do what we say, providing good care for the property, clients, and customers.