Pet Policy

Pet policies vary from property to property.  Additional deposit for a pet is $500 and must be paid in advance in full. If an existing resident wants to obtain a pet, prior written permission of management is required, the pet must meet policy guidelines, and the full deposit must be paid IN FULL prior to the pet’s entering the apartment. We will not accept payments on pet deposits.  Renters insurance with Pet Rider is required.  Proof must be submitted to Laughton Properties, Inc.  in advance and approval in advance of bringing new pet into household.


  1. Proof of spay or neuter and current vaccination records.


  1. Dog must be a minimum of 12 months old.
  2. Size limited to 25 pounds and 18 inches at the shoulder.
  3. Proof of spay or neuter and current vaccination records.
  4. Breeds that are known to have a propensity for violence are prohibited under any circumstances. These breeds may include, but are not limited to: Pit Bulls, American Bull, Rottweilers, German shepherds, Doberman pinchers, chow chows, mastiffs, etc., or any mixes containing these breeds.


  1. If the fish tank exceeds 25 gallons, certificate of insurance for water filled furniture naming the apartment complex as additional insured must be provided.


  1. Size may not exceed 8 inches in height
  2. Fowl is to be confined to a cage at all times.

No other kinds of animals are permitted.

A Word About Assistance Animals

The law requires that reasonable accommodation for a tenant’s disability be made. Dogs that have a particular type of training are classified as “guide dogs,” “signal dogs.”  A “service dog” is “any dog individually trained to the requirements of the individual with the disability, including but not limited to minimal protection work, rescue work, pulling a wheelchair of fetching dropped items.”  This might also apply to another type of animal, such as a monkey.  Such animals are not considered “pets.”  They are not subject to a pet deposit and are not restricted in size.  However, the animal must adhere to all community behavior policies for pets, and a tag issued by the State of California to the owners of such animals must be presented upon request.

Companion Animals

Companion animals as requested with a physician’s prescription may not qualify as assistance animals.  In order for a companion animal to qualify, a relationship must exist between the person’s disability and the need for the animal.  The tenant must provide verification from a physician in the form of a written report that the companion animal is necessary for the person to deal with a physical, emotional or mental disability, and the physician must be willing to testify if required, in a court of law.

Should the animal qualify, as determined by the corporate office of Laughton Properties, Inc. no additional deposit will be required.  However, the animal must meet the policies as stated under each heading above.  Assistance Animals already meet those specifications.

Should the animal not qualify as a “companion”, based on the description above, the corporate office may still allow the pet with a physician’s prescription.  However, an additional deposit would be required in the amount of $500, paid in advance.  In all cases, the pet must meet the policies under each heading above.

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