Summer Insights….

Summer brings hot weather and water conservation. The summer heat always places a greater burden on your Air Conditioning Units. It is important to make sure the AC can draw in air and push out the exhaust air without resistance. Please keep your filters clean by either replacing on a regular basis or if washable rinsing them on a regular basis. This will allow air to flow with little resistance. Second, set the temperature, ideally around 78 – 80 degrees for cooling, this will allow the AC to cycle properly, giving the compressor a break to cool off once it has reached the stable temperature. Closing the windows and blinds and turning on a stationary fan or ceiling fan will dramatically assist the AC unit in cooling the home. A
little insight, when the temperature outside is over 100 degrees, the AC units really struggle to cool any more than 20 degrees below the outside temperature.

Water conservation will also make a huge impact for the summer months. Water is a precious resource and has limitations. Please notify our office immediately for any leaks, so they can be repaired right away. Secondly, use a bowl or container in your sinks to capture small amounts of water from washing hands or kitchen items. That capture water works well to flush a toilet, thereby reusing grey water to reduce total water consumption. Each home typically loses 2 gallons a day on handwashing and another 3 gallons a day on washing dishes. If we can capture and reuse 50% of the 5 gallons a day, this can save over 840 gallons a year, just from a small amount of work. If you have plants, the grey water works well to water plants as well.

Lastly, if you can take advantage of the Delta breeze at night and cool off your home during the overnight hours by opening windows, this will significantly reduce the demand on the AC units.

Just remember, every little bit matters when it comes to energy and resource consumption.

Please give us a call for any questions about your AC, Leaks or Water Consumption.

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